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"It’s as if I was born with apologies
about things I don’t want to be sorry about.
“I am sorry for wearing shorts in public places.”
I’m not sorry about wearing the clothes I want
and wearing the clothes I’m comfortable to wear.
“I am sorry for being emotional over little things.”
I will cry no matter how small or big the reasons are;
And I am allowed to scream or to cry
whenever I want because
I need to do that to lessen the pain.
“I am sorry if I’m too conscious about my weight.”
It’s okay to feel fat about my body and feel sad about it,
it’s okay to feel thin or skinny
and be happy or worried about it.
You don’t tell me how to feel about my body
because I’m the one wearing my skin."

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Good morning! Don’t forget to visit my new blog,! Been working hard on it lately  Will be posting almost everyday! more to come tonight! thanks a lot Web Studio Philippines! :)

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Haven’t made you guys hungry in a long time!! Hehe! Good morning!  — at Puso Restaurant, Quest Hotel.

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